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#3 Nadeshiko Report


~ What kind of impression do you want to give to others? From understanding your ideal self-image~  

I attended the third lecture of the Nadeshiko Program. The contents are as follows

  • Makeup and false eyelashes lecture by ONE to ONE Professional Inc.
  • Finalist official web literacy, SNS, and AI course by Mr.Nakamura,  Miss SAKE Executive Director


I had the opportunity to receive a lesson from Ms. Takechi of ONE to ONE Professional, who has been appointed as the beauty advisor for Miss SAKE starting this year and who also provided us with wonderful hair and makeup during the finalist announcement event on March. The lesson covered skincare to full makeup.

The first half was a theoretical session from skincare to full makeup, and the second half was a practical lesson. We each used our own daily makeup tools to apply makeup on ourselves.

Ms. Takechi carefully checked the skin condition of each finalist and provided detailed comments and explanations.

Key Learnings:

  • Removing care is important for skincare
  • Your skin reflects your lifestyle. Let’s also consider our diet.
  • Looking “attractive” means “harmonizing balance with your impression”.
  • Natural makeup is not light makeup, but making it look like you have no uneven skin tone without thick makeup.
  • Mastering base makeup is mastering makeup (doing a good base makeup means even if your makeup comes off, it will come off beautifully).

Many people apply makeup in their daily lives, but it is not something that is usually taught in school. By mastering the basics of makeup and cosmetics, even those who are not confident in makeup can gain more confidence and find enjoyment in it.

I didn’t have much interest in makeup until now, but learning from the basics has made me enjoy it too!

I spent my university years in USA, and I once had a friend from my class who had an impressive collection of makeup tools, almost as if she was studying to be a makeup artist (although her major was in international relations). When I visited her house, she did my makeup. It was such a refreshing experience to become someone different from my usual self, and it reminded me of the joy and brightness it brought to me.

Moreover, I heard from an acquaintance that when they provided makeup to the women residing in a care facility, everyone was greatly pleased, and their faces and spirits brightened up.

From Ms. Takechi’s lessons, I recalled these past experiences and realized once again that becoming beautiful can brighten not only one’s appearance but also one’s heart, regardless of nationality or age.

Interestingly, I was also noticed by people close to me early next week, who asked, “Did something change?”

I don’t usually wear false eyelashes, but I learned how to apply them properly this time. The impression changes a lot when wearing them with a kimono, so I will try various styles to master the use of false eyelashes that suit me and the impression I want to show.

Ms. Takechi’s  makeup lesson salon will be open in Ebisu from April. I would like to learn more personalized makeup so that I can meet everyone with more confidence with Kimono as Miss SAKE. Ms. Takechi is not only charming in terms of makeup but also a person who can stimulate my mind when I talk to her, and I am very grateful for the attractive time she provided.

Finalist Official Web Literacy, SNS, AI Course Strategies for Individuals to “Leverage AI” Without Being Used by AI

Are you utilizing SNS and AI such as ChatGPT? From Mr. Nakamura, I learned that it is important to clarify the goals of using SNS and AI, which was also a time to reflect on the lecture on self-alignment from last week. I feel that without clear objectives, it is difficult to achieve satisfactory results.

I am currently working as a management consultant and am in the process of trial and error while exploring the use of AI. I realized that using AI is not bad in itself, but rather, blindly accepting the results of AI or being manipulated by AI can lead to negative outcomes, so I resolved to keep this in mind. We can utilize AI for brainstorming, simple tasks or questions, but the direction for the project or core task should be completed by ourselves.

Regarding SNS, although I have a strong sense of incompetence, I strongly feel the need to make Japanese sake, Japanese culture, and my hometown of Tottori better known, not only to those I meet in person but also to those who can be reached through SNS. I felt the need to use SNS more effectively. I also learned from Mr. Nakamura and past finalists about how to use SNS, so I reflected on the need to focus more on dissemination and, at the same time, I am starting to find some enjoyment in it, overcoming my sense of incompetence!

In the Nadeshiko program, Mr. Nakamura and other instructors take the time out of their busy schedules to share their knowledge and information, and I am grateful for their energy. Keeping this in mind, I am now ready to devote more energy to sharing and disseminating Japanese sake and Japanese culture to more people than ever before. When I recommended Japanese sake to people overseas, I was moved by their surprised “Wow!” and the smiles that followed. I want to introduce Japanese sake to more people overseas! With this in mind, I hope to deliver the charm of Japanese sake as Miss SAKE.

SNS is a community service that promotes and supports connections between people. I hope my posts will contribute to expanding these circles.

Thank you once again, Mr. Nakamura, for your valuable insights.

2024 Miss SAKE Tottori

Yuka Hayashibara