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#4 Nadeshiko Report

When a sense of discomfort turns into anticipation

Hello everyone,

I would like to report on attending the fourth lecture of the Nadeshiko Program.

  • Confirmation and application of traditional Japanese hairstyling
  • Intensive training for the Miss SAKE YouTube Channel

Mastering traditional Japanese hairstyling that suits kimono, creating a beautiful appearance even from the back!

Do you usually arrange your hair? I often keep my long hair straight, so styling was a bit of a weak point for me…

As Miss SAKE activities are conducted in a kimono, arranging hairstyle is essential. This time, I received instruction from the first-generation Miss SAKE, Mai Morita, on how to style traditional Japanese hair. Also, I would like to thank 2023 Miss SAKE Nagano, Nana Nakajima, who supported us during the speech practice at the finalist announcement ceremony taken place on early March, despite her busy schedule.

There are many ways to arrange traditional Japanese hairstyles, but the flow of the tying method I learned this time was as follows:

  • Divide the hair, except for the bangs, into 4 sections (1 top, 3 bottom)
  • Tie the top section
  • Create a flat bun in the middle
  • Place a fake hair bun slightly above it
  • Gather the hair in the bottom middle section
  • Spread the remaining left and right 2 sections thinly to cover each one

It may seem simple, but there are detailed movements, which made it challenging. While creating this look, I first tried to bend forward, but that loosen the hair near my neck. I learned to keep my neck and back straight while lifting the hair, using a comb, applying wax, and spraying on stray hairs. First, I struggle, but with the app teachings of Ms. Morita and Ms. Nakajima, I was able to make it work.

I will continue to practice creating the representative style of traditional Japanese hair so that it looks perfect from any angle!

Starting today, am I also a YouTuber!?

Intensive training for the Miss SAKE Channel

Miss SAKE actively disseminates videos through the Miss SAKE Channel on YouTube. www.youtube.com/@MissSAKEChannel

During the Nadeshiko Program, each of us (finalists) filmed one introductory video and edited it by oneself

Even though I was new to creating the YouTube or similar kind of video, I loved the opportunities since it is necessary in order to give opportunities for many more people in the world, possibility of trying our beautiful culture, enjoyment of sake.

We used a video app called “capcut” to add effects, captions, background music, subtitles, etc. This was challenging at first, but slowly I was able to use it effectively, and my determination worked.

As I began to understand how to use the app creatively it was fun, and my discomfort with video creation, which I had before, turned into a positive attitude.

With my hard work and dedication, I hope to deliver enjoyable and useful videos about sake, Japanese culture, Tottori, and a bit about myself, so please look forward to it!

Nana Nakajima, thank you for kindly answering my questions while also editing your own videos. (I also want to thank Aiko-san, the Nara representative sitting next to me, and Arisa-san, the Okayama representative, who helped me a lot this time when I was in trouble. Thank you both!)

In the Nadeshiko Program, there are many things I am tackling for the first time, but thanks to the efforts of our instructors, I am gradually able to reflect on the attributes of Miss SAKE for me. I feel that I am growing by each session.

I am not yet perfect, but I am working towards confidently carrying out the activities I would do as Miss SAKE.

To the instructors, everyone at the secretariat, Sawatoshi Transportation Co., Ltd. (the brand partner in Tottori), Ms. Toda (the Tottori representative last year), and all the supporters, I will continue to work diligently without forgetting my gratefulness to you all.

2024 Miss SAKE Tottori

Yuka Hayashibara